Services Offered

Fundamentals of Personal Defense Readiness

Personal Defense Readiness Home PageThis course deals not only with the physical confrontation but also with awareness and avoidance skills, fear management, and the legal and ethical issues of self-defense.

Introduction to the S.P.E.A.R. System and how to convert your body’s natural startle-flinch response to a tactical counter are also covered.


Personal and Small Group Training

For those looking to practice the PDR fundamentals or work on a specific area for self-defense, special classes can be arranged to meet your needs.

Be Your Own Bodyguard

A Be Your Own Bodyguard (BYOB) seminar can be arranged through Blauer Tactical Systems.

Be Your Own Bodyguard

Basic Handgun Training

As a certified NRA instructor for Basic Pistol classes in the safe use and handling of firearms are available. Basic training in the defensive use of firearms is also also available. Contact us for more information.