Pressure Points

The other night in karate class we were going over pressure points and how they can be used in self-defense. In one situation we talked about using two different pressure points if you are on the ground and the attacker is on top of you and you have them in “guard” position. The instruction at this point was to use various pressure points situated behind the ears and around the jaw of the attacker.

It didn’t work. I should correct that statement. When I was the attacker and my opponent applied pressure to those points it did hurt, but if I really was attacking it wasn’t going to stop me. I found it more irritating then hurtful.  I actually just sat there for a bit and let him apply pressure to those points before I said okay, enough, lets switch positions.  I could hear other people in the class going “Ow! Ow! Ow!”

That is the thing about pressure points, you never know how someone will react. Do you want to rely on a pressure point that may or may not stop someone? If the attacker is in a state where they are resistant to pain then your pressure point technique may not work.

When practicing different self defense techniques remember to ask yourself will this work under condition “x”?  Go for the techniques and tactics that you find work as close to 100% of the time that you can find. In the street while under a violent attack is not the time to find out your attacker doesn’t feel the pain of you attacking a certain pressure point.


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