Defusing A Situation

I’m taking a local class in karate and aiki-ju-jutsu, always good to learn new things. During the last class we were talking about what would best be described as what Rory Miller refers to as the “monkey dance”. If you don’t know what the monkey dance is then pick up Rory’s book “Facing Violence“.

The instructor in the course taking an aggressive stance to prevent violence from breaking out in this situation. As part of Tony Blauer’s program we teach that to defuse you should adopt a non-violent posture(NVP) to defuse the situation. So, which is right? Technically they both can be right but this needs to be discussed.

If adopting a violent posture you are showing you are ready to fight. In some situations this may work, in others and I would argue most monkey dance situations it would just end up escalating the situation. If adopting a violent posture then you better have a good read on not only the person you are facing off against but the environment around you too. It would be a bad situation if several of the guy’s buddies you are facing off against decide to help their friend out.

This isn’t to say that taking a nvp stance will always work, at times it may not work. However by adopting such a stance you are luring the person into thinking you aren’t a threat which gives you a tactical advantage if the shit hits the fan.

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