Rory Miller Seminars in New England

Rory Miller has some seminars coming up this August and September in the New England. If you are a student, teacher, or just interested in learning something about self-defense and violence, do yourself a favor and attend one of Rory’s courses.

First up is a couple of weekends in August. On August 5-7 he’ll be involved with SummerFest 2011. After that he’ll be doing a workshop for Yang’s Martial Arts Association on Friday, August 12th and then on August 13th he’ll be at Raffi Derderian’s New England Martial Arts Camp.

Rory will then be back in the Boston area on September 10th and 11th doing an “Introduction To Violence” course (September 10th) and a “Conflict Communication” course on the 11th. You can take either of the courses or both.

And of course you’re reading Rory’s blog right?


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